Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday Latelies (in text form)

Happy Thursday! Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this week!

  • Cakes that are low in WW points – apple muffins in particular this week. There was a recipe in this month’s WW magazine for apricot muffins but I substituted apples instead. The muffins contain oats as well as flour so that cuts down the points value, and there’s not much margarine in them either. Plus they are delicious! 
  • Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie frozen yoghurt – another low points indulgence. I tried the Yoo Moo chocolate flavour the other week and it was OK, but the B&J stuff tastes just like chocolate ice cream! Plus it has bits of gooey brownie in it so it’s a real treat. 
  • Parcels in the post – especially when they’re waiting for you back at the office after a week off. I had a book from Amazon and a hat from ASOS waiting for me on Monday, then my gorgeous orange shoes arrived on Tuesday. 
  • BBC Four – I love that TV channel! It’s so random but shows some really interesting programmes. The other night I watched a documentary about the rise and fall of Grammar Schools, followed by one about the manufacture of WW2 Wellington bomber aircraft, including an attempt to break the world record of making one in less than 30 hours. The record attempt had been filmed and they invited the people involved back to watch it around 60 years later. (They broke the record too, completing the whole plane and getting it in the air in just over 24 hours.)

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