Friday, July 13, 2012

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2012 #52 and Black and White



Priceless White

The number of shoes I have left to save is slowly dwindling and soon I will just be left with my party shoes (the bronze glitter heels and the silver glittery heels to name a couple of pairs). If this rain doesn’t stop I will be losing a pair of peep toes but there was no reason I couldn’t save these white shoes even though it’s wet out. I see these as summer shoes (even though there is no Memorial Day and Labour Day in the UK, white shoes outside of May-August just seems wrong) and they’re really comfy so I don’t want to lose them. They are from Priceless Shoes and were bought back in 2008 for the show I was in. All the ladies chorus had to have white shoes and we pretty well all ended up with this same style as they were cheap, just £9 I think. So I put together a black and white outfit and ran with it today.


Last night I went to Tesco and the young man met me at the checkout after he’d had his hair cut. It was nice to have a bit of help as I usually do the grocery shopping alone. We spent a bit of time browsing the magazines and then went home and watched American Pie 2 on TV.


This evening we’re at the young man’s parents’ for tea.

Black shrug – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
White top – QS
Black tank (under white top) – Cherokee at Tesco
Black jeans – Next Tall (eBay)
White shoes – Priceless Shoes
Black and silver bracelets – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £39

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