Friday, July 13, 2012

Porridge Pancakes

Sometimes I mention I've made some porridge pancake batter to have for my breakfast the following day, so if you were wondering what porridge pancakes are, here's the recipe! I pinched this from someone called Lulubell on the WW website - there are 8PPs in the recipe if you're counting points, 0PPs if you're doing F&H. This is supposed to serve two, but I find I can eat it all (there's less oats here than in a normal portion of porridge). 30g Porridge Oats 5 heaped tbsps Fat Free Natural Yogurt 3 tbsp Granulated Sweetener 2 Medium eggs or 1 large Frylight Better Than Butter These are similar to American style stacking pancakes rather than crepes. Mix the porridge oats, sweetener and yogurt together and leave over night in the fridge. Mix in 2 beaten eggs and give it a really good mix through. Spray non stick pan with fry light then place a metal cookie cutting ring in the pan then pour enough mixture to cover the bottom of the ring, Wait for the base to harden and remove cookie cutter, and repeat, turning when each pancake is browned on the bottom. I like these with some chocolate spread melted on top, but you can put anything you want with them.

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