Monday, July 09, 2012

Shoeper Challenge 2012 #49 and The Rest of the Week Catch Up

So, Friday it rained. Boy, did it rain. We were sleeping in on Friday morning and could hear the rain hammering on the conservatory roof and could see the lightning flashing through the curtains. I braved the apocalypse and went to Tesco that morning, getting pretty wet despite my umbrella in the process. We spent the afternoon indoors and by 6.30pm it had finally stopped raining. I wanted to walk to the village to pick up the new Weight Watchers magazine that I had forgotten to get that morning, and the young man decided to walk with me so we took the long way round to the local pub and had a few drinks. I saved a pair of boots that evening – sadly my go-to tan pair have sprung a leak so I pulled out the grey cowboy-style pair as I did not trust the weather not to start raining again. I wore them with skinny jeans and a cream and grey stripe sweater. The boots are by Mustang and came c/o Sarenza at some point last year.



Saturday was dry and sunny to start with (yes, really!) so I hung out the washing that had sat in the machine all day Friday and did some chores. I headed off to the other side of the city to have lunch with my sister and then we had a walk and called in on a friend who lives down the street from my sister. As I set off back it started to rain (well you knew it was going to at some point, didn’t you?) and so we had a quiet evening in.

Sunday morning was fine and sunny again so we did a few bits around the house, then headed into the city and walked all the way down to the riverside area, somewhere I hardly ever go. We had a lovely afternoon out (even if we did spend a bit too long in Clas Ohlson at the young man’s insistence) and then came home for tea and homemade super healthy muffins. Then it rained. Hard. Again. I am beginning to think we no longer get light rain showers; it always seems to be torrential rain at the moment. After tea I prepped a hot pot to go in the slow cooker for tomorrow, made a quiche for my lunch tomorrow and made some porridge pancake batter for breakfast. And then it was Sunday night and the end of our holiday so we got an early night in preparation for the week ahead.

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  1. Hi. I am so sorry to hear about the tab boots springing a leak. They are some of the best that you own. Will you have them repaired?