Monday, September 17, 2012

Outfit: Manic Monday




LK Bennett Bruton nude toe caps

Monday morning did not start well. I got to work and somehow managed to delete my entire My Documents folder. Shift+Delete it so it disappeared completely and wasn’t in my Recycle Bin. D’oh! Fortunately my office is full of techy people so one of them was able to come to my aid and easily restore all my files from my back up. Which had run on Friday morning so was pretty much up to date. That’s today’s lesson people: back up your work – you never know when your own stupidity might cause you to need it! Also: don’t touch the delete key until you’ve had at least one large mug of tea.


Around half ten I managed to spill water all down my skirt. The hand dryer that I never use in the ladies actually does work (fortunately – again) and helped to speed up the drying out process.


So today’s outfit has been augmented by my leopard print scarf as it was a chilly 8°C outside this morning. I am wearing knee high socks rather than tights though as the day time temperatures are still fairly high and it’s not really cold enough for thick tights just yet. This skirt is made of cotton but it’s a heavy cotton and was part of LTS’s autumn collection last year. I put it away for the winter after we returned from Australia and Dubai (it was great to wear in Dubai as it’s below the knee but not full length) but perhaps there wasn’t any need to do so?

Tonight is Zumba and HardCORE class at the gym and then there’s a bacon, apple and potato hot pot in the slow cooker to enjoy. Oh, and I toasted a bagel for breakfast this morning – fabulous!

Black sweater – Long Tall Sally
Black and tan skirt – Long Tall Sally
Black knee high socks – New Look
Tan and black shoes – LK Bennett (c/o Sarenza)
Black belt – free with skirt
Leopard print scarf – H&M
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Silver earrings – gifted
Black and silver bracelets – gifted

Total Est. Cost £89


  1. I love the color blocking in this outfit, looks amazing and very autumn-like! I've deleted all my files in a folder once, it was painful - literally painful.

  2. Thank you! I didn't really think of this as colour blocking as it's all neutrals, but I guess it is.