Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2012 #59 and Blue





M Par M wedge boots

Cobalt blue is a hot colour for this autumn, according to various magazine spreads I’ve seen. I don’t really care whether it’s hot or not though as it’s one of my favourite colours so I’ll wear it regardless. I always feel like the flash on the camera washes out this dress, it’s slightly bluer than it looks here. I think the sweater is more cerulean though. I’m not sure how much longer the sweater will last – there’s a pull in the sleeve that could develop into a hole any day. But as it only cost £8 to start with I’m sure the cost per wear is into fairly low pence by now so I won’t be too upset when it finally bites the dust.


Last night I went to step class and I’m sure the air conditioning at the gym is still not working properly as it was really hot in the studio again. But I guess that just makes for a more intense workout so it’s all good. When I got home I was ready to collapse on the sofa with a cup of tea, so that’s what I did. We watched Mythbusters again (can you clean out a cement mixer with explosives – probably, if it’s not too clogged up and can you escape from jail using salsa to corrode the bars on the window – yes, if you combine it with a DC current) and I flipped through the new H&M catalogue during the ad breaks.


These boots are my September pick from Sarenza. They are by M Par M, not a brand I’d come across before but I was looking for wedge boots made of leather and in my size, and this pair fit the bill! I have a pair of wedge boots that are super comfortable but they are sheepskin lined so can only be worn when it’s quite cold out. Even though I am quite cold all the time, it’s not really sheepskin boot weather just yet so I wanted another pair of wedges that I could wear on warmer cold days. If you see what I mean! So these lovely dark brown boots arrived and I love them. They are my usual size but are a touch on the big side with tights. That’s nothing that can’t be solved by a pair of socks though and I’d rather that than them be too tight. There’s enough space in the legs for a pair of jeans to go under them, but they’re not so wide at the top that they’ll poke out under bootcut or flared jeans. I’m looking forward to many more wearings of them this autumn and winter.

Blue sweater – F+F at Tesco
Blue dress – Wallis (charity shop, shortened by me)
Brown tights – c/o TightsPlease
Brown boots – M Par M (c/o Sarenza)
Blue necklace – Dorothy Perkins
Silver hoops – gifted
Brown belt – free with a skirt
Brown wood bangles – gifted
Brown metal bangles – Dorothy Perkins

Total Est. Cost £21


  1. The new boots are fantastic. I love that wedge seems to be an ongoing trend. Mad props for knowing the difference between colbalt and cerulean blues. Color management is something of a hobby of mine. :)

  2. Thank you both. I hope to get a lot of wear out of these boots this winter.