Thursday, September 20, 2012

Outfit: Smart Jeans




LK Bennett Maddox coral

Is that an oxymoron right there in the post title? Can jeans ever be smart? I, like a lot of people, prefer my denim dark so that it can be smartened up for church, evenings and even work on days like today when I’m feeling rebellious and wearing jeans when it’s not even Friday. Amber made an interesting statement the other day though, about how she prefers her jeans a perfect mid-blue, so that they look like jeans and they look casual because that’s what jeans are supposed to do. When we were in Australia last year I noticed that most of the jeans were a pale wash. This was probably to do with the warm temperatures and the fact that it was almost summer when we were there. What shade of denim do you prefer?


Speaking of jeans, this pair is the Marrakesh style by MiH and was picked up at a fraction of the RRP at TK Maxx when I was in Birmingham last month. I paid £39.99 for them, the tag said the RRP was £165. Can’t say fairer than that. There’s a TK Maxx opening up not far from my work soon which could be dangerous to say the least! Leggy girls take note: these jeans have a 36” in seam.


Last night I decided to do the Tesco shop as I have church choir practice tonight and won’t have time for my usual Thursday Tesco jaunt. When I got home I unpacked the shopping and then made a cup of tea and chilled in front of Mythbusters. I made the lunches for today and then it was time for Grand Designs and a hot chocolate. I know, my evenings are the stuff of dreams aren’t they?


Meanwhile, the weather continues in its autumnal vein and it is a bit wet and miserable out today. I was torn between these wedges and my leopard print booties for today (and the cold draught that was blowing onto my feet for much of the morning made me wish that I’d gone with the booties) and I added my huge turquoise scarf and a pair of leather gloves in lieu of a coat when I left the house this morning.

Black jacket – Long Tall Sally
White and black stripe shirt – Next
Jeans – MiH (TK Maxx)
Coral/orange wedges – LK Bennett (c/o Sarenza)
Black leather belt – Pieces (c/o Spartoo)
Turquoise scarf – H&M
Silver hoops – gifted
Whitby Jet cross necklace – gifted

Total Est. Cost £110


  1. I adore this outfit and this outfit on you. I think it looks quite smart actually! Very nice, and I do like a dark wash for work and nighttime, but a lighter wash for more casual and weekend stuff. Just my opinion.

  2. If this is posted twice, I'm sorry I don't know what my computer was doing.
    Anyway, I think this outfit is great and looks great on you - my opinion. I like the darker wash myself for work and nighttime and the lighter for hanging out and weekends. You see a lot of lighter denim where I am though, just in general.

  3. Blogger can be a bit temperamental at times! Thank you. I do have some lighter wash jeans but they don't get worn much.

  4. Oh, I don't think jeans are "supposed" to be causal - I just meant that because I have a tendency to overdress for everything, I don't really have a need for "smart" jeans: if I was going somewhere that required dressing up, I'd use it as an excuse to wear one of my many dresses rather than jeans, which I can wear any time. I don't think they can never look smart or that everyone should view them the same way I do or anything like that - it's all just a matter of personal preference, really :)

  5. This outfit looks great on you! the jeans are a great colour and really suit your figure. Gorgeous!