Friday, October 12, 2012

Back at Dorothy Perkins: The Tall Range!

After telling everyone that they were withdrawing their Tall range completely, Dorothy Perkins not only never got rid of it from their website but they have now replaced it in many of the stores it was previously stocked in. I went to my local mall recently and had a look at what was on offer. True, it was pretty much all jeggings in a variety of colours (which was fine as that was what I was after) and a few other trousers (apparently tall people don’t need tops - there's just the one on the website) but it was heartening to see some tall things back in store as all too often we are discriminated against as a minority group and forced to pay postage as companies choose to only stock the things that will fit us online. The sooner other stores follow suit – yes Next and New Look, I’m talking to you – and put their tall ranges in their shops (or put it back in the case of New Look) the better. Until then, how about some free shipping codes for us tall people who don’t have the option of shopping in your stores?

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