Sunday, October 21, 2012

Outfit: Saturday in York




Jones Bootmaker red suede flats

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and I headed off across the city to pick up my sister. We went to York for a day out for my sister’s birthday which was last weekend. We did a bit (a lot) of shopping, and then went to Betty’s Tea Rooms to get in the queue for a late lunch. About 45 minutes later we were finally seated and enjoyed a full English breakfast followed by tea and cake. The perfect way to spend Saturday afternoon!


We did a little more shopping, then headed home. I got a couple of bits (there’s a Long Tall Sally shop in York and it’s always exciting for me to go into one of their stores and know that everything in the shop will fit me, rather than being limited to one or two rails in Dorothy Perkins or Topshop, or just the odd item here and there anywhere else. Plus I had a 20% off voucher). These cord trousers are to replace the pair I sold on eBay the other week that were a bit big for me.  (They're navy blue, I'm not sure you can tell that from the picture.)

And I got a denim/chambray shirt in H&M. I’ve been looking for one for a while and this one is lovely and long in the body and the sleeves are just about long enough for my arms.

York Minster

There was a steam train in the station when we cut through from the car park

The River Ouse

It was a lovely day to be in a beautiful city and I snapped a few pictures on my phone.

Black and white striped polo neck – Uniqlo (charity shop)
Jeans – Armani (David Jones, Sydney)
Red suede shoes – Jones The Bootmaker
Snakeskin belt – local boutique

Total Est. Cost £105


  1. Please let me know how you curled your hair, its fabulous

  2. Thank you! I just used a fairly narrow curling tong - maybe a half inch barrel? I wrapped the hair around it (not using the clamp) in about 6 or 7 sections, sprayed with hairspray then combed it through with my fingers. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to curling my hair!

  3. Thank you! Must try doing that without using the clamp. For some reason the clamp thing leaves a dent in my hair!!Love your blog! Rachael(made up of little things)