Thursday, October 18, 2012

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2012 #69 and I Broke In My New Purple Clogs




Sancho Elvis Femme cowboy boots

OK, so the title up there is a little bit misleading. I don’t have any purple clogs, new or otherwise. I do have new cowboy boots though. And I AM breaking those in today. They were my October pick with my Brand Ambassador voucher from Sarenza and are by Sancho Boots. So far so good although the right one is rubbing my heel a bit. There was a tag on the boots about caring for them and it did say that it was normal for your heel to move about (actually, it said ‘normal for your hell to move about’ but I’ll let that slide as I guess it’s been translated from Spanish or something) until the inside of the boots moulds to your foot. Yes I already have a pair of cowboy boots but those are not leather and are over 4 years old now. They are super comfy though (so comfy that they spend most of the time in my office as my ‘walking to the shops on a lunchtime’ boots, hence my reason for getting another pair) and so I have high hopes for these new ones. These are leather: inside, outside and underneath, and should break in nicely with a few wears.



Last night I had a much-needed night in. We watched Mythbusters (of course!) and then Grand Designs. I had ordered a secondhand copy of Shania Twain’s autobiography on Amazon (I love that you can buy secondhand books on Amazon!) and that arrived yesterday so I read the beginning of that too.

Brown wool sweater – Bench (eBay)
Brown trousers – New Look Tall (eBay)
Brown leather cowboy boots – Sancho (c/o Sarenza)
Brown wooden heart necklace – Scope
Silver earrings – gifted
Silver and diamante necklace – gifted
Tan leather belt – River Island

Total Est. Cost £33

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