Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tall PJs

If you are tall (like I am) you may be getting fed up with pyjama trouser legs that flap around your ankles (or mid-calves, depending how short they are). Why are pyjama trousers only made in one length in the regular shops? My sister who is only about 5’7” even finds them too short.

I had a query from a reader a while back (and this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for ages) asking where I bought pyjamas as her elder daughter is 5’9” (and possibly still growing) and needed something in a longer length than the high street could provide. Luckily, many of the tall shops stock PJs, so here are my picks for the best of the bunch.  Mums with tall teens, listen up!

Long Tall Sally
LTS’s PJ sets are quite expensive I find but last season they started selling just the 36” inside leg trousers as separates, which could then be mixed and matched with one of their long sleeve t shirts, or any other top you already own. Genius! Their summer range is now in stock so check out these gingham pyjama bottoms for £25

Next Tall
Next’s tall range is usually a good place to try but their selection of ridiculous onesies and sheer backed PJ tops this season leave me struggling to recommend them. Perhaps have another look in August when the A/W range comes in?

Tall Girls
This navy blue set looks like it has a lovely long top as well as long trousers legs. I find it really annoying if my PJ top is too short and I end up with a gap on my back because of it. Being someone who is cold the majority of the time, that’s the last thing I need when I’m trying to stay cosy and sleep. The inside leg is 36” and they are £45.


  1. I recently bought some PJ's from Primark and they are super long on me and I'm 5ft8 so not really short! They literally drag on the floor and I have to roll them up so Primark might be worth a look :) xx

  2. Awesome tip, thank you! I will check this out next time I'm near a Primark and report back.

  3. Thanks to your top tip I did get her a pair from next Tall - and they're so long they drag on the floor :-)