Saturday, February 09, 2013

Outfit: 30x30 Day 11, Outfit 12



Georgia Rose tan boots

Day 11 and I’m off to York later on this afternoon. A group of us are going to see the 9 To 5 musical at the theatre there, and we’re having tea out beforehand. Bonnie Langford is in the show, and I think Natalie Casey is too so it should be good. It’s based on the movie starring Dolly Parton which I have seen, but a lot of years ago so I can’t really remember what happens.


This morning I did some cleaning, vacced and after dinner I washed my car. I’m just scheduling this post now whilst I wait for my friends to pick me up. Radio 2 have been playing various presenters’ favourite albums this week and that inspired me to pull out my copy of ABBA’s The Visitors on vinyl this morning. Sadly is jumping in several places now so it’s time to scour the charity shops for another copy I think. I’ve dug out Atomic Kitten’s Greatest Hits CD now, thanks to hearing them on TV the other night.


I have my long sleeve red t shirt on under the cardi in case it’s cold in York; I thought an extra layer would be sensible.

Navy cardi – Next Tall
Navy and white spot dress – Topshop Tall
Red top – Long Tall Sally
Navy leggings – Tall Girls
Tan boots – Georgia Rose (c/o Sarenza)
Red belt – Next
Silver earrings – gifted
Blue/black ring – charity shop

Total Est. Cost £97

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