Saturday, February 09, 2013

Review: Alberto Balsam Shampoo and Conditioner

When I was younger there was a shop in my hometown called Av-A-Gander. Now of course you can immediately see what they’ve done there, but that shop had been around my whole life and to me it was just called Avagander, all one word, and I didn’t think about what it meant: that’s just what it was called. Av-A-Gander was an awesome shop: they sold everything at discount prices: stationery, confectionery, beauty supplies, some electricals I seem to recall. You name it, you could probably get it there. Once I was old enough to start buying my own beauty products Av-A-Gander was my first port of call because it was cheap. I particularly remember buying some orange coloured shampoo by Alberto Balsam for about 59p a bottle. (Everything in Av-A-Gander was x9p – 29p, 59p, 99p – it was one of those kind of shops.)

I had long forgotten about the brand until, a couple of months ago, I was looking for shampoo in Morrison’s and spied numerous types of Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner. What actually caught my attention I think was the label on the shelf that said ‘4 for £3’. I remembered liking the brand way back when and for that price thought it was worth taking a chance, and I’m glad I did. The products smell lovely and fruity (I am currently using the Sun Kissed Raspberry pictured above, and I also bought the Tangerine scented one that I can’t find online). The conditioner says to leave it on for a couple of minutes and it’s well worth doing that as I find it leaves my hair lovely and soft and shiny. I think these products are £1 a bottle when bought individually. I bought the Alberto Balsam shampoos and conditioners at Morrison’s, but they are also available at Superdrug and from Alberto Balsam’s website.

Note: this is not a sponsored post, I just like the products and wanted to recommend them to my readers.

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