Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silver Shoes at New Look

I had a pair of silver shoes from New Look but during the ice incident from before Christmas (whole area was one big ice rink, I thought it was just wet, stepped out of the door and went flying, remember?) they got damaged and I think they are beyond repair. So I’ve been checking out New Look’s website to see what they might have as a suitable replacement.

Did you know that New Look stock Irregular Choice shoes? I didn’t and they have these gorgeous Floral Courtesan shoes in silver which could be a definite possibility for me.

I am also quite taken by these silver strappy diamante shoes. They have a lower heel (probably a good idea since I am liable to fall down on ice!) and are only £29.99. They are so pretty and because the heel is closed this style of shoe lends itself well to being styled with black tights whilst it is still cold, or with bare feet and legs when (if?) the weather warms up.

If you want some full on party glam, how about these glittery silver snakeskin effect heels by Moda in Pelle (another brand I didn’t know New Look stocked)? I think they would be a little high for me personally, but they are certainly fabulous and won’t go unnoticed if you wear them on a night out.

You know me and my love of heels, but if you are in the market for some silver footwear and would prefer something a little more comfortable then read on. I am loving my wedge heeled trainers (and there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say): they are so comfy but they give me a bit of extra height too (not that I need that!). New Look currently have a fabulous looking silver pair and they are reduced to £15 in the sale.

And for the ultimate in comfort, try these silver studded trainers from the Head Over Heels range by Dune, available at New Look. All the glamour, with all the comfort these are just the thing to fancy up a jeans and t shirt outfit at the weekend.

Finally, if your current budget won’t stretch to a new pair of shoes you could always bling up a pair you already own with shoe clips. New Look are stocking these silver diamante bow shoe clips for just £11.99 and they are sure to glam up a plain pair of courts or strappy sandals. All the look of new shoes for a fraction of the price!

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  1. Louise (whatlouwore365)20 February 2013 at 09:13:00 GMT

    I regularly check the New Look website for shoes as they are a great price, comfortable (in the main) and a size 6 is always in stock and the same size no matter what style the shoe. I can order online and know they'll be fine. So I did know they stock Irregular Choice as well as some other, quite pricey, brands which surprised me because New Look is primarily aimed at teens - left me wondering who could afford £100 shoes from New Look?!