Monday, April 01, 2013

How To Stop Shoes Rubbing

One of the most popular search terms that brings people to my blog is ‘how to stop shoes rubbing’. From my vast experience of shoes (I currently have 78 pairs – some people would call that vast) I can tell you what I have learned.

Firstly: buy good quality if you can. Shoes with a leather lining are going to be infinitely more comfortable than synthetic ones. Leather stretches so shoes that are leather inside and out will have enough give in them to mould to your feet after a few wearings.

However, if your budget (or your ethics) won’t stretch to real leather, try to find shoes with fabric insides. Synthetic leathers will make your feet sweat and that leads to rubbing. Fabric doesn’t do this and I have found it to be infinitely more comfortable as a shoe lining.

Finally, check out the foot product aisle in Boots (or your local chemist/drugstore of choice). You are looking for two things: Anti blister stick and blister plasters. Compeed make an anti blister stick which is magic. You rub it on to your feet and it provides an invisible barrier which stops your shoes rubbing. It won’t damage your shoes and it won’t hurt your skin. I keep a stick of it in my handbag at all times during the summer. If it’s too late for that, get some blister plasters (Scholl or Compeed do the best ones) and use those to stop existing blisters hurting and rubbing further.

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