Friday, April 12, 2013

Outfit: Knit Biker, Red Stripes and Pale Jeans




Matalan Snakeskin

When I originally planned this outfit it included the sweater I was wearing yesterday. However, I wore that yesterday and after the toothpaste incident I decided it needed a wash. I swapped in the red stripes and liked the addition of some colour so went with that. The jeans are Long Tall Sally so they’re super long when they’re not cuffed. I’m not sure whether you can tell from the pictures but they have a little bit of distressing on the knee and thighs – enough that they look a bit funky but not so much that they look scruffy. The perfect amount!


Last night I went to the local Wetherspoon’s to meet some of the drama group for tea. Another lady and I share a birthday so we ate out to celebrate that. I was lucky enough to be given some gifts and we had a good time. They all went off to rehearsal (the show is next week) and I went to Aldi to do the shopping, then to Tesco for a few bits, then home. We watched an episode of Lost before bed.


I’m excited for this weekend although I have a lot to do tomorrow. I’m hosting a birthday tea on Sunday afternoon and I want to do some baking for that. The fabric mill shop I went to last week is having a rare Saturday opening tomorrow and having purchased a skirt pattern I now need some fabric to make it out of. I also need to get the house in order for having visitors on Sunday, not to mention tackle the washing and ironing.

Red and white stripe top – Kew 159 (John Lewis) (similar)
Grey knit biker jacket – Warehouse
Jeans – Long Tall Sally (similar, tall)
Snakeskin shoes – Matalan (similar)
Silver hoops – gifted
Silver beads – Scope

Total Est. Cost £184


  1. I love those jeans and the shoes are lush! Have a lovely birthday weekend x