Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: Nat & Nin Macy Handbag

Nat & Nin Macy

It’s easy to think that Sarenza is just shoes but they also carry 121 bag brands on the site. I picked out a handbag with my Sarenza voucher this month and isn’t it beautiful? (Note: it's a much greener turquoise than it looks here; I played about with the camera settings but try as I might I couldn't get the colour to photograph correctly.) It’s the Macy bag by Nat & Nin, a brand I’d not heard of before. Nat and Nin are sisters (Nathalie and Ninny) who started their brand back in 2005 and it is stocked in a small range of stores in Paris. But now you can buy the line in the UK from Sarenza.

Nat & Nin Macy4

The Macy bag is made from the softest buttery leather and the turquoise (or Curaçao) colour I chose is so gorgeous and vibrant for spring. The bright orange-y yellow lining contrasts nicely with the turquoise and is made of cotton. The bag also comes in pinky red, sand and cream if you prefer a more classic colour. It’s really roomy and has a plethora of external pockets, plus an inside zip pocket and smaller compartments for your phone and whatever else you want to keep in them.

Nat & Nin Macy2

The one thing I would change about this bag is the handles. They are just a tad too short to sit comfortably on your shoulder so you will probably need to carry this one in the crook of your arm. But that’s not really a problem and there is a shoulder strap provided too so you always have that option.

Nat & Nin Macy3

The Nat & Nin Macy bag is available from Sarenza where shipping is free within the UK.


  1. Very nice! Have you been a Sarenza affiliate/brand ambassador for a long time? How did you get involved? Always wondered but never got around to asking!

  2. Thank you!

    And yes, coming up to two years I think? It's definitely the best perk of my blog, by far! I wrote a piece for them one time, and then they approached me and a bunch of other bloggers when they were looking for brand ambassadors.