Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Outfit: My Favourite Jeans with Stripes and a Biker Jacket




We have this week off work following the long weekend for the Spring Bank Holiday in the UK. To kick off the holiday mood we went out Friday evening for tea at our local pub. Having got wet through at lunchtime when I went for a walk in the torrential rain (in my defence it wasn’t actually raining when we set off) I changed into straight leg jeans and boots, and put on a warm sweater as it was pretty chilly out.


Saturday dawned beautiful and sunny so we got ourselves ready and took a road trip to the coast. Our first stop was Skipsea to see the coastal erosion that has taken place there. There used to be a through road to the next town up the coast, but that road is now closed and here’s why:


We went back inland to the village and had some lunch in a delightful little tea room where we sat out in the sunshine.


In the afternoon we drove up to Ravenscar which is a town that was never built. It was planned in the 1890s to be a new resort to rival Scarborough (it is north of Scarborough, just below Robin Hoods Bay) and a railway station was built along with a few buildings but the company that owned the land went bust and the project was abandoned. The station platform is still there but I don’t think there’ll be a train along anytime soon:


The line was Beechinged in 1965 like so many others across the country. There’s a rather nice hotel on the cliff top, the Raven Hall Hotel and we had a drink in their garden and enjoyed the view out to sea.


We had a look in the National Trust shop and visitor centre and the young man bought himself a carved stick for walking, then we had a walk down the cliff. The young man was more adventurous than I was and was rewarded by the sight of some seals basking on the shore.

We continued our journey north and stopped in Whitby where we tried out a fish and chip restaurant we’d not been to before, then walked back along the beach and headed back home.


I am a little bit addicted to these jeans at the moment. They are the straight leg style from Long Tall Sally’s Heritage Denim collection. They are a perfect fit and have just the right amount of stretch to them to make them super soft and comfortable. They work just as well tucked into boots as you’ll see in a future post (I may or may not have worn them four days in row so far).

Cream and navy stripe top – Forever 21
Jeans – Long Tall Sally
Blue pumps – Converse (c/o Sarenza)
Sunglasses – Claire’s
Black faux leather jacket – Topshop Tall
Navy heart necklace – Scope


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I've not heard of Ravenscar before.

  2. It was a grand day out. I'd not heard of Ravenscar until my sister told me about it. She'd been there whilst staying in our aunt's caravan near Whitby.

  3. These are gorgeous photos, Fi - I really love the light in the last one! Ravenscar sounds like just my kind of place: I'm fascinated by abandoned places!

  4. Thank you. Though that last one was more luck than judgement - I was taking it facing the sun, with my sunglasses on so I couldn't really see what I was taking. I like how it turned out too. And yes, Ravenscar is definitely your kind of place - they built some roads and put in the sewer network, build the station and a hotel to accommodate people coming to buy plots of land (that's now a tea room and a couple of houses) and then quietly abandoned the whole thing.