Friday, June 07, 2013

Outfit: Navy and White Stripes and Spots with Distressed Cropped Denim




NL Turquoise

Casual Friday rolls around once more and the weather is still warm and sunny! That’s seven days on the trot which has been practically unheard of in the Frozen North in recent years. We’re having a barbeque for tea today to celebrate.



Last night I went straight to Aldi from work to do the shopping. Then I dashed home, made tea and headed off to choir practice at church. We had a good sing then I popped to Tesco for a couple of bits on the way home.



I think I have now worn all my summer shoes that can’t really be worn in the rain (though I still have a couple of pairs of closed toe summer shoes that need an outing) so I’m good for this year. It’d be nice to get more than one wear out of them all though.

Navy and white stripe blazer – Next Tall
Navy and white spot t – Next
Cropped jeans – New Look
Turquoise peep toes – New Look (charity shop)
Turquoise necklace – Dorothy Perkins
Blue bangle – Diamonds and Pearls
Snakeskin belt – local boutique
Silver hoops - gifted

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  1. Love the shoes! And nothing says summer like navy-and-white stripes.