Thursday, June 06, 2013

Outfit: Red and White Spots and Wedges




RI Red wedges

The sun returned today, although it was cloudy and a little chilly to start with so I threw on Tuesday’s cute denim jacket and my turquoise spotted scarf to keep warm. I decided it was high time the red wedges put in an appearance so I paired them with a red and white outfit as this skirt is always good for warm summer days. I think these wedges are the highest shoes I own, but they’re super comfy and such a great colour.


Last night I stopped off at Boots on my way home and picked up a few bits and pieces, including some nail stickers which I am excited to try. I got a gel set and an ordinary set. Has anyone used these before? Any tips for applying them? Then I went to the post office to post my remaining two eBay items (and I’m currently considering what else I can sell as I like the look of my Paypal account with money in it!). I made a healthy (and delicious) chicken curry for tea (0% fat Greek yoghurt and tomato puree with stock gave a nice consistency but low fat sauce), then sat in the sun with a cup of tea for a while. I got busy in the kitchen after that and made some carrot and pepper soup and some date flapjack.


Later on we had a cup of tea and some date flapjack with an episode of Only Fools and Horses. We’ve just started season 7, the last full season they made. Unfortunately, there were two Christmas specials, two years apart, between seasons 6 and 7 which aren’t on Love Film so the jump in the timeline confused us somewhat and led to some Wikipedia-ing of what we’d missed!

Red shrug – New Look Tall
White top – Zara
Red and white spot skirt – New Look Tall
Red and white wedges – River Island
Red beads – Claire’s
Red bangles – Primark
Silver square hoops - Claire's


  1. Red is your color. You look stunning!

  2. Thank you! And my mom always said red was my colour when I was little and forced me to wear it. Which of course meant I didn't want to wear it. I love it now though.