Thursday, July 25, 2013

Outfit: Pink Leopard and Stripy Pants




Silver flats

By 8.20am I was feeling that long sleeves may have been a mistake. But then the air conditioning kicked in and I was glad I had them.




So can we talk about these stripy pants? They were part of my Forever 21 order last week and I love them. They’re denim but they’re grey with cream stripes so they don’t really look like denim. And the length. I ordered them knowing full well they would probably be cropped on me but they’re more 7/8 so they will last much further into the autumn than crops would, which is awesome! The label says they are premium denim but they were ridiculously cheap, only about £14. On the strength of these I will definitely buy Forever 21 denim again.

Pink top – H&M
Grey and cream stripe trousers – Forever 21
Pink and grey leopard print scarf – New Look (sale)
Silver and black flats - JB Martin (c/o Sarenza)
Pewter beads – Scope
Silver hoops – gifted
Pink and silver bangles – gifted

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