Saturday, August 31, 2013

Scarf Collection

Ah scarves, how I love thee! I think scarves (and accessories in general come to that) are like shoes in that they will always fit you, no matter what. Scarves are better than shoes in a way (hush my mouth, did I just say that?! Stick with me on this...) because they hardly take up any storage space. And they weigh like nothing so are great to stash in your luggage or handbag as an extra layer or an easy way to change the look of an outfit.

As someone who is cold much of the time I am always looking for ways to add warmth to an outfit. And a way to add warmth and style? Sign me up!

My scarf collection is quite extensive because they’re an easy item to pick up anywhere. They often tend to be reduced come sale time too, so many of mine were quite cheap. My favourite kind are infinity scarves (the kind that are sewn into one big loop) as they stay put and you don’t have to faff about tying them.

I have the Ikea Pax wardrobes and use the Komplement ring hanger things to store my scarves. I currently on to three of them so that the scarves aren’t too crowded and I can easily find the one I want and access it easily.

What do you think about scarves? Are they something you wear? How many do you have?

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  1. Gosh that is a lot of scarves! I have around ten (not including winter wooly ones which rarely see the light of day) and do like to rotate them in autumn, winter & spring. Hope you enjoyed your week off!

  2. I had a lovely week off thank you! And I look forward to seeing your scarf collection this A/W!