Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2013/14 Save 34 | How To Wear Coloured Tights



Mustang Alora boots

Even though coloured tights have been around for a good five years (or longer) now, I think some people are still scared of them. (I also think some men still don’t understand them but that’s another post for another day.) Coloured tights don’t have to be scary – or even that brightly coloured – but they can add an unexpected pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit.


My tips for wearing coloured tights if you are a little afraid of them are as follows:

1. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral/plain. Take my outfit today: adding grey or black tights to my grey dress/grey boots combination would have made me feel as dull as the rainy day outside. But burgundy tights lift the whole thing. Try a neutral outfit – black, grey, a denim skirt and cream sweater and add some coloured tights.

2. Start with a darker shade of colour. As I said above, coloured tights don’t need to be in-your-face bright. Try a burgundy, teal or deep purple to start with. It’s still colour and it will still liven up your neutrals. Baby steps.

3. Wear boots. If it’s the thought of a long expanse of coloured leg that scares you, cover some of it up with tall boots. Look at me today. There’s no more than 10 inches of my tights on display, and that’s because I have abnormally long legs. If you’re a regular height you can maybe show 4 or 5 inches to start with.

4. Have fun! Tights are a cheap, easy way to change up your look. The pair I have on today was just £2.50 from Primark. If you try them and find you hate them, it won’t have cost you much.


I thought I had saved these boots but when I checked my list I was pleased to see I hadn’t as I really need to get some more momentum on the whole shoe saving thing. These boots came to me c/o Sarenza and are by Mustang Shoes. Grey boots make a change from my usual brown or black and work equally well with jeans or skirts.

Grey knit dress – New Look Tall (eBay)
Burgundy tights – Primark
Grey boots – Mustang (c/o Sarenza)
Burgundy and black scarf – River Island (sale)
Silver hoops – gifted
Silver necklace – New Look

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