Saturday, February 08, 2014

DIY Project: No-Sew (and No-Knit) Knitted Cushion Covers

I really like the look of knitted cushions, but the only ones I could find in the shops were huge and too big for my sofa. I decided I would make my own using small cushions and a knitted throw, all purchased from Ikea.

First up, gather your supplies:

Cushions – I used the Krakris cushions from Ikea, £1.25 each

Knitted throw – I used the Ursula one from Ikea, £20

Wunderweb hemming tape – try your local haberdashery

Tea towel or other cloth that you can wet (for bonding the hemming tape)



Measuring tape

Buttons (optional)

So, it was a bit trial and error for me but basically what I did was measure out the size of the piece of fabric I would need to cover the cushion, cut it out and then used the Wunderweb to fuse together the seams on the inside so that (hopefully) the knitting wouldn’t fray too badly. I left the wide ribbed part of the throw on the other side of the cushions so I have the option to add some buttons at a later date should I find some I like.

I made four cushion covers out of one throw and am pretty pleased with the results. It only took a couple of hours and would have been completed in one afternoon had I not run out of hemming tape!

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