Friday, February 14, 2014

Shoeper Challenge 2013/14 Save 58 | Casual Friday and ASOS Tall



Nine West Red

Happy Friday y’all! And happy Valentine’s day, if you’re celebrating. I get the feeling it’s a far bigger deal in the US than it is here – in the UK we just tend to send cards, maybe give gifts, and expect to pay inflated prices if we go out for a meal.



So remember how I’m supposed to be saving my shoes? I saved another pair! I know, it’s been a while. But that’s because I had saved all of my boots. All but this pair that is. I really like these boots and they have good memories attached to them (I bought them way back in 2003 in New York) but because they come quite high up the ankle they only really work with bootcut or flared jeans. And I don’t tend to wear bootcut or flared jeans very often. But here we are, my red Nine West boots are safe for another year.


In exciting tall girl news, ASOS have announced they are introducing a Tall range – at last! It lands on the site in April but there are a few pieces available already. I don’t know much about the range other than all inseams will be 36” and the fit models the use to get the proportions right are all over 5’10” (though many of ASOS’s models are 5’10” anyway, and they tell you how tall the models are which is a great help to know how items will work on you). The All The Tall Things blog has more information and is collating a list of comments to pass back to ASOS about what their tall clientele want so take a look over there.

I have been doing a lot of reading recently, both real books and on my Kindle App. This week I read the full version of A Little Princess. I loved the Ladybird abridged version as a child but I don't think I'd ever read the full thing. I got it for free from Amazon for Kindle (have a look - many of the classics are available free for Kindle) and whipped through it in just two days. It's fabulous! I'm planning a trip to the library tomorrow to see what else I can find to read. Happy weekend everyone!

Navy, green and cream stripe top – Long Tall Sally (sale)
Jeans – FCUK (charity shop)
Red leather boots – Nine West (Century 21)
Silver square hoops – Claire’s
Teal scarf – Long Tall Sally (sale)
Tan leather belt – River Island

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  1. I'm addicted to downloading the free books. I have 50 books on my kindle now though so on a free & paid for ban!

  2. Yeah, I have quite a few books to get through now, not to mention the real ones from the library and a huge stash of magazines too...