Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2013/14 Save 78 | Insane Red Wedges




RI Red wedges

I lay the blame for my purchase of these wedges squarely at the feet of Amber. She has the same ones and talked so much about how comfortable they were that I had to go and try them for myself. And she was right. They are comfortable. I’m just sad that they’re made of canvas so I can’t wear them more often as we don’t get the weather. However, the shoes are from River Island and they are so high that I feel small when I take them off.



It was a lovely day on Tuesday when I wore this outfit. I definitely wouldn’t have needed the long sleeve top had I not been at work, but the air conditioning drops to Arctic levels in the afternoons so I was definitely glad of the extra coverage.


Red and white stripe top – Kew 159 (John Lewis)
Grey trousers – Gap (charity shop)
Red wedges – River Island
Silver hoops – gifted
Silver and diamante necklace – gifted

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  1. See this is why I don't understand a/c in the UK. We so rarely get the weather to warrant arctic blasts of a/c. I'm so glad we don't have it in our office. I'd rather be a bit sticky for a few weeks a year then still having to take a coat and jumper in July and August....which I've done and absolutely hated! A/c is evil :)

  2. We absolutely love the detailing on these wedges! The adorable bow and white trim is so irresistable! They are so high, it's almost hard to believe that they are comfortable!