Sunday, August 03, 2014

This Week...

With all the hot weather we’ve been having recently I have been wearing shorts and wearing shorts means exposing my legs. My very white, pale and pasty legs. I long since gave up on fake tan for various reasons, not least being the smell and the fact that I am incapable of applying it without it streaking.

I saw a review on Fleur de Force’s You Tube channel of the Sally Hansen Air Brush legs product a few weeks back and decided to give it a try, having heard many good things about it before. I’m sure you’ve all be using it for years so late am I to this particular party, but just in case you haven’t been, it’s fabulous. It’s essentially make up so there is no smell and it washes off (fairly) easily with soap and water (a little light scrubbing with an exfoliating pad or wash cloth may be necessary). The formula is water resistant however so if your legs get splashed you won’t end up with white patches. It isn’t supposed to transfer to your clothes but I’ve found that it can do, especially if used over sunscreen. Whilst I therefore wouldn’t recommend using it with your super expensive pale coloured dress, it is just make up so it does wash out of most fabrics.

I have been using the Light Glow colour and find it gives my legs a natural lightly tanned looked, matching them to the tan that has developed naturally on arms.

You can buy Sally Hansen Air Brush legs at Boots, but they wanted £10 for it last time I looked and Tesco had it for just £4 a can last week.

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  1. This outfit looks great! I love every piece! Also love the look both with the jacket and without! Looks smashing either way. The colors look great together, the length of the jacket, sleeves, the shirt, the pants - it's all just so right. Really loving the print on the shoes too!