Monday, September 08, 2014

Bras & Honey Review

If there’s one thing I don’t buy very often, if at all, it’s nice lingerie. Obviously I buy lingerie, but it tends to be of the five-pack-briefs-from-M&S variety more often than of the lacy-silk variety. So when Bras & Honey got in touch and offered to let me pick out something from their website I was excited.

I chose the Elle Macpherson Dentelle set, which, despite sounding slightly like toothpaste, is a very pretty black and pewter lacy affair. I love it!

Bras & Honey was not a site I’d heard of before, but they stock a range of top brand lingerie such as Wonderbra, Freya and Curvy Kate. They also have swimwear, nightwear, shapewear and sports bras. Sizes range from A to K cups and bands 28-48 so there should be something to fit you. They ship worldwide and there is a next day UK shipping option if you just can wait to receive your new undies!

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