Sunday, November 30, 2014

This Week…

I have a teasmade. I know, I’m about 80 years old but I just love it. It was a gift from the young man’s aunt the winter before last and it’s just fabulous. You fill it with water before bed, put a tea bag in the pot and either set the alarm or flick it on when you wake up and less than five minutes later you have a pot of tea (according the instruction leaflet it makes that new-fangled coffee stuff or hot chocolate too). My cups aren’t as fancy as the ones pictured, but they do have shoes on them.

My grandparents had a teasmade when I was little and I always thought it was such a sensible idea. I can remember them drinking tea in bed on Christmas morning (we stayed at their house every Christmas when I was a child) whilst my sister and I got excited about whatever Santa had brought us (matching Sindy dolls is the one thing that stands out, mine with dark hair hers with blonde). And neither of them had had to go down to the cold kitchen to fetch the tea. When I say my grandparents’ house was cold, I mean it was COLD. It was a 1920s (I think) build and didn’t have any central heating. The main source of heat was the open fire in the front room which was fabulous, but leaving that room for the bitter cold of the hallway was something else. There were electric blankets on all the beds and you needed them.

But enough rambling about how cold my grandparents' house was.  All of this is to say that this week (and the past couple of weeks, it only gets used on a weekend) I have been enjoying using the teasmade and enjoying tea before I get out of bed.

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