Sunday, November 09, 2014

This Week…

So that’s it, it’s officially cold and this week the EMU boots came out. I’ve had a pair of ugg-style boots in my wardrobe since 2009 and I just love them. Some people think they are ugly and I grant you, they are not the most attractive items of footwear in the world. But they are warm and some days I just want to be cosy and have warm feet dammit! All the pairs of boots I’ve had in this style are from EMU Australia and they are great quality and are certainly cosy. I made my pair even cosier the past couple of years by adding some faux fur boots toppers that were in my Christmas stocking two years ago (thanks Mom!).

What’s your opinion on this style of boot?

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  1. Honestly I'd only wear them in the house but if they're warm then fair enough! Assuming not waterproof?

  2. Not waterproof but I give them a good spritz of weatherproofing spray every now and then so they hold up to light rain.