Monday, December 08, 2014

Outfit: Party Time!

Apologies for the quality of these photos, I didn't have time to take proper pictures before I went out. Friday night was my work Christmas party so I pulled out my most festive looking frock and went along.

The bash was in a hotel in Leeds and it was a great night.

This dress was actually made for me when I was in the Lower 6th (and I was clearly a prude in he 6th form as I could have sworn it had a lower neckline than it does. All I can remember is telling the lady who made it that I wanted to be able to wear a bra with it) and it was a full length ball gown but I had it shortened last year to make it more wearable for weddings and Christmas parties.  It was made for the summer ball in 1996 (which makes it practically vintage, does it not?) and I went for several fittings after school for a couple of weeks beforehand. One fitting was delayed by the one and only detention of my school career, for something that wasn't even my fault. My 3 friends and I were given detention by our particularly crotchety Head of Lower 6th for being late to a registration session that she had started early. If something starts before the bell in a school then it is early and that morning (we were on exam leave for our end of year exams) the four of us were going up the stairs to registration as the bell was ringing and people were coming down the stairs heading to the exam, their names having been called in a registration session that had clearly started early. The four of us were given detention, most unfairly, for being late (which we weren't) and as we were all boarders it wasn't as if we weren't on the premises and therefore unlikely to miss the exam anyway. And there's a story you never thought you'd hear in relation to a ball gown, huh?

Red dress - handmade
Silver shoes - c/o Sarenza
Grey shrug - borrowed from a friend 
Grey hair flower - Primark
Red heart necklace - Claire's

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