Thursday, January 01, 2015

Morlands Slippers

My slippers usually come from a supermarket clothing line, or another, similarly priced shop. So when the lovely people at Morlands offered to send me a pair of sheepskin slippers I jumped at the chance. On the website the slippers looked comfy and cosy, and when they arrived I was not disappointed.

They are a ballerina style and are a lovely deep burgundy colour and feel to be very good quality. The sheepskin lining is thick and when I put them on they were very cosy. I’ve worn them a few times over the holiday season, and they are especially useful for taking to people’s houses when visiting. They are just as comfy and cosy as they look – I just have to remember not to go outside in them (I have a habit of just popping out to the dustbin in my slippers) as the soles are leather and won’t stand up to getting wet.

Morlands is a British company based in Glastonbury, Somerset. Established in 1870 they specialise in sheepskin-lined slippers and boots, and they also make gloves and scarves. They currently have a sale on so check out their website for some cosy sheepskin bargains.

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