Friday, January 23, 2015

New Year, New Hair

It may be past mid-January (how did that happen? January is usually the month that refuses to die, yet here we are, more than halfway through it already) but I still feel like it’s a new year. I decided it was time for a change to my hair, to go back to my roots (as it were) and go dark again. As much as I loved my lighter colour, keeping up with it was proving costly and time consuming so one box of L’Oreal Mousse Absolute in Natural Darkest Brown later and I’m back to something resembling my natural hair colour. A big thank you to my little sister for helping me with the process.

This also means that I can use my hair extensions again (yes, having cut my hair shorter in October I now want it long again…it’s a girl thing) and enjoy the option of longer length hair when I want to.

The L’Oreal hair colour was really easy to use – the colour and developer are in conjoined cans and mix themselves when you press the pump. This probably isn’t a new thing but it was a revelation to me, someone whose only experience with home colouring was back when I was a teenage in the 1990s and you had to mix the stuff yourself, then put a plastic bag on your head whilst it developed to stop the drips… hands up who else remembers doing that!

With the mousse there’s no dripping (though you will need an old towel that you don’t mind getting stained with the dye) and it’s all so much easier. The results, as you can see, aren’t bad for someone who hasn’t coloured her own hair in about 15 years.

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