Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weight Watchers: Racking Up Those Activity Points

(first published on the WW site 02 September 2011)

I’ve been attending the gym for around 2 years now. I started out at a pay-as-you-go gym, doing a Body Combat class once a week. The time of that class became inconvenient though, and just over a year ago I moved to a slightly posher gym up the hill, which has more classes and a pool. For around 6 months I went swimming and trained on the machines under my own steam, but recently I have started going to classes and my motivation has increased no end. Even if the class is only 45 minutes long, it’s far easier to keep going when there’s an instructor shouting at you and everyone else is doing it, than it is if you are running solo on a treadmill and can stop whenever you want to.

I currently do Body Conditioning on a Monday and Boxercise on a Thursday, with Aqua Zumba on a Tuesday when it fits in. In addition, since I joined WW, I have been trying to walk to the shop and back most lunchtimes, and get out and do some form of exercise at the weekend – be it walking or cycling. Even if it’s just walking around the shops in the city, it’s still walking. The other night I had to go to a meeting so didn’t have time for the gym, but put on my Black Lace CD (no, I am not ashamed to admit I own one!) and did the dance routines for 20 minutes. I played Just Dance on the Wii and did some boxing on Wii Sports last weekend, which is brilliant exercise. My shoulders and upper back were aching the day after.

I don’t feel I do a vast amount of exercise each week, but I’ve managed to rack up an average of 26.6 activity points per week over the 7 weeks I’ve been tracking which I don’t think is too bad.

ETA: I no longer attend the gym - it was getting expensive and they cancelled all the good classes. However, I get out for walks on my lunch break and at weekends where possible. As soon as the days get a bit longer again I will be back to taking walks after work too.

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  1. Do you wear your glasses when you exercise ? What about aqua zumba and swimming ?

  2. Yes I wear my glasses for most exercise, especially swimming and aqua zumba as you can't really go in the pool with contact lenses. I'm very short sighted so I need to wear one or the other to be able to see!