Sunday, January 18, 2015

This Week…

It has been cold this week, we’ve had snow and high winds and as a result, I have been living in polo neck sweaters. Sure, I love me a good scarf and they really help to keep your neck warm, but there’s nothing quite like a polo neck (or turtleneck, if you’re in the US) for stopping the chill. I have quite the collection, not quite one in every colour but I’m getting there. I have thin ones for layering, thicker ones for wearing as top layers, and they all have super long sleeves as they’re from either Long Tall Sally or another tall range. They’re a classic look and are never likely to go out of style, purely because of their practicality.

Do you wear polo necks/turtlenecks when it gets cold?

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1 comment:

  1. Love them and prefer wearing polonecks rather than scarves.

    I tend to wear thinner skivvy style T-shirts, thin ribbed woollen or cashmere polonecks layered under another sweater and/or a jacket.

    They're warm, cosy and go with anything, so they'll always get my vote :)