Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Distressed Jeans by H&M

For my birthday last April my mom got me some distressed jeans from H&M. They are boyfriend style and I very much enjoy wearing them. The distressing on them was the perfect amount for me and to stop them ripping any further I put some denim patches on the insides of the legs to strengthen them. This works well (although it can make the knees a bit baggy after a few wears but this can be fixed by washing the jeans) and also meant I could wear them in the autumn (ripped jeans are all very
well but how do people wear them when it’s cold out and not get chilly knees?).

However, as they are boyfriend style the look best with the legs rolled up a bit and therefore don’t lend themselves to being tucked into boots. To avoid cold ankles the best way I’ve found to wear them in the winter is to put a pair of tights underneath and/or to wear them with ankle boots.

Do you wear distressed jeans in the winter?

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