Friday, April 24, 2015

Primark Jeans Review

I love me some denim and as I just got three new pairs of jeans I thought I’d do a bit of a review of them.

Now we all know that Primark is super cheap but how do their jeans stand up?

Skinny Jeans

At just £10 these jeans aren’t the cheapest that Primark have to offer (I believe they have some at £7 or £8) but these are certainly super stretchy and very comfortable to wear. They are well designed and are flattering on the bum, and they come in varying leg lengths – my pair are labelled as a 34” inside leg but as they wrinkle up at my ankle I would wager that they are actually longer than that.

Push Up, Push In Skinny Jeans

These jeans are a little more expensive, but at £13 they aren’t going to break the bank. I love the acid wash of my pair – not something I would otherwise have chosen I don’t think, but I loved how this style fits. The pockets are well placed on the back, there is clever seaming to give the impression that your bum is being lifted and shaped. For £13 you’re not going to get actual pull in denim or internal suck you in panels, but the denim has plenty of stretch and is very comfortable to wear, as well as looking great.

Boyfriend Slim Jeans

I bought my regular size in these jeans and they’re not exactly a boyfriend style on me, but I guess sizing up would give them a more relaxed look if that’s what you’re after. I love that the distressing on these isn’t actually on the knee (although I suspect it’s supposed to be a lot nearer the knee than is on me as my legs are so long). The denim in these is more rigid than the other two pairs, but they are still 1% elastane so there’s some stretch to them.

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