Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I ♥ Fall Tag

So every so often I will steal a tag from the You Tubers and answer the questions here on my blog. It’s been such perfect autumn weather this weekend (I’m writing this Sunday night) that I’m in a real fall mood, so here are my answers to the I ♥ Fall Tag!

1. Favourite Fall lip product?
I use the same lip stain all year round (Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Lips) so I don’t have a specific fall lip colour, but I find my lips get dried out more in the autumn and winter so I turn to my trusty Vaseline Lip Therapy (just the regular blue and white tin) more often when the weather gets colder.

2. Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
I don’t really wear nail polish, but I do love a good nail sticker (laziness, allergies) and a deep red colour is always a classic for autumn.

3. Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink?
I love a hot chocolate when I’m out and about during the autumn (and not just at Starbucks) but at home I’m a tea girl. Regular English Breakfast is my usual go to, but I mix it up with Twinings Lady Grey and Twining Gingerbread Green Tea sometimes too.

4. Favourite Fall Candle?
Spiced orange by Yankee Candle. Although I did buy some cinnamon scented candles from Ikea this summer which I’m loving the smell of too.

5. Favourite Fall Scarf or accessory
My leopard print infinity scarf is hardly off at this time of year, but I have a vast collection and will switch it up for a knitted one when it gets really chilly.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
I’m not sure that any of these are really a thing in the UK, but if I could choose, I would love to go on a hay ride like they do in the US.

7. Favourite Halloween movie?
Hocus Pocus. I will watch pretty much anything with Bette Midler in it, and Sarah Jessica Parker is just an added bonus. I try to watch it on or around Halloween each year.

8. Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?
White chocolate buttons. And not just on Halloween. I will take those any day of the year.

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!

Probably a witch, if we are doing Halloween dressing up at my office this year. It’s what I usually dress up as since it’s easy – I have a hat and all you need are a black dress and some striped socks or tights. Dressing up for Halloween isn’t really a thing in the UK, once you’re over the age of ten.

10. What is your favourite thing about Fall?
The weather getting colder and digging out my winter clothes: it’s like getting a whole new wardrobe for free!

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