Friday, April 29, 2016

Outfit: April 19th - Birthday Dress, Birthday Shoes






LTS navy dot flats

I had some birthday money and this dress was one of the things I got with it. It's from the Tall range at Dorothy Perkins, a range I had discounted for many years because a) they don't stock it in stores so I tend to forget it exists and b) when I do remember it exists I find it's consists of black trousers, jeans and not much else. However, this season they have some pretty awesome dresses and I ordered this one and a striped one. The sleeves (that you can't see here, it's not that warm yet) are around elbow length and I love the knot detail at the front, which gives a very flattering fit.

The shoes were a birthday present from my sister about 4 years ago.

Dress - Dorothy Perkins Tall
Shrug - Long Tall Sally
Shoes - Long Tall Sally (gifted)
Necklace - Scope

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