Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Outfit: November 23rd – Flares!








I cannot remember the last time I wore flares. Eighteen or so years ago they were a staple in my wardrobe and pretty much all I wore. Then along came skinnies, and well, they’re just so much more practical when it’s wet and rainy. Who wants acres of wet fabric flapping around their ankles when your skinny jeans will fit neatly inside your boots and stay dry? Not this girl, that’s for sure. However, on a dry winter day some cosy cord flares can be just the job for a change from a skinnier cut. Remember to pair them with knee high socks or boots though: your lower legs will be unprepared for the chill!

I’ve had these pants at least ten years, probably more like twelve. The label says Moto on it, which is what Topshop used to call their denim range back in the day. The (metal) zipper bust on them around eight or nine years ago (I wrote about it on this blog!) which suggests they’d had a lot of wear up to that point. They have been taken in at the waist (I was never going to part with them, in a world of jeans and black trousers being the only options in tall sections they’re irreplaceable).

Where has this year gone? My thought when typing this was ‘where has November gone?!’ but by the time this post goes live it will be December and the year will be practically over.

Sweater – New Look Tall
Trousers – Topshop Tall
Boots – Clarks outlet (sale)
Necklace – Scope
Scarf – eBay

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