Friday, November 04, 2016

Outfit: October 27th – Is Burgundy a Neutral?







Primark tan Chelsea boots

I went for a neutral dress and yes, those boots again, and added burgundy tights and a scarf. I feel like at this point, for me anyway, burgundy is a neutral. It goes with pretty much everything except purple and red (though I guess you could clash it with red if you wanted to) and I wear it all the time in the autumn and winter. I would have paired my slouchy Steve Madden tan boots with this, but they are at the cobbler’s getting repaired as I have managed to walk a hole in the right sole. Does anyone else do this with their shoes? And only on one foot (it’s always the right one for me)? Or do I just walk funny?

In other news, it’s soup making season again. I’m trying to eat a little healthier than I have been of late and so far this week I have made leek and potato soup and butternut squash and carrot soup. I made a big batch of each and stuck some in the freezer and have been eating some of it for my lunches at work. I found a recipe for butternut squash and apple soup the other day so that’s the next one I’ll be trying out (I need to eat some of what I already have to get my Tupperware tubs back before I make more!).

Dress – Bay Trading (sale)
Boots – Primark
Scarf – River Island (sale)
Necklace – gifted (21st birthday present!)

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