Saturday, November 05, 2016

Recipe: The Best White Hot Chocolate – Two Ingredients!


This autumn I have become obsessed with white hot chocolate (hot chocolate made with white chocolate that is, not hot chocolate that’s scaldingly hot!). The best one I’ve had so far is at Insomnia in Bristol, the café that’s in the Debenhams store there. From what I can gather, Insomnia is an Irish chain and there aren’t many branches in the UK yet. My nearest one is in the Bradford Debenhams and Bradford isn’t somewhere I go very often. There aren’t that many places that serve white hot chocolate though, and the ones that do don’t often make it well, so I decided to have a bash at making it myself at home and I’m so glad I did! I guess you could do this without a milk frother, but if you want it properly frothy you’ll need a frother of some kind. Lakeland sell little handheld whisk frothers, but I got my cup style one at Debenhams a few years ago. It’s this one that is currently available on Amazon. Argos also have it, and I’ve just seen that they do a double cup one too, which is adorable!


So you will need some milk. I use skimmed as that’s what I like, but semi-skim or full fat will work just as well. (I haven’t tried a non-dairy milk so can’t vouch for those.) Get the cup you want to drink out of and fill it just over ¾ full with milk. Add 30g of white chocolate (I used giant buttons, because I'm 12) and heat in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Give it a stir to make sure the chocolate is melted then either pour it into your milk frother jug or grab your handheld frother and froth away.


You could sprinkle the top with a little drinking chocolate powder or cocoa to make it look fancy if you like. Or grate on some milk chocolate curls.


And that’s it! Two ingredients, one little gadget, and a cup of super frothy hot chocolate to enjoy.

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