Friday, February 10, 2017

Outfit: January 31st – Striped Dress








I have a couple of striped t shirt dresses but they are literally extra-long length t shirts and not at all suitable for this time of the year. I was in town at the weekend and nabbed this striped number in Primark which is a heavier fabric (with longer sleeves) and perfect for transitioning into spring (which I hope we will be doing before too long. In the meantime it’s perfect with fleece-lined tights). It comes in various (plain) colours so there’s a chance I will go back for another one.

By the time you read this I will have had my hair done. I saw a couple of my friends the night before this outfit and one of them cuts hair so I booked in with her to sort out my layers. Check out my Instagram for up to date pictures!

Dress – Primark
Tights – Primark
Boots – Primark
Necklaces – Scope
Scarf - H&M

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