Monday, February 13, 2017

Outfit: February 1st – On Repeat








This is probably the point where I should apologise for wearing the same scarf for the third day in a row but you know what? I’m not going to. This is real life, and in real life you do wear the same accessory day after day. So this week it’s the leopard print scarf three days in a row and also my Chelsea boots the past two days. I just bought a duplicate of the Chelsea boots because they go with everything, I wear them all the time and one day I will walk a hole in the sole of the right foot. Because that’s what I do with all my shoes it seems. Yes, I could have them resoled, but when they only cost £10 to start with and Primark are still selling the exact same ones, I figured I’d just buy a back up. I may still have the originals fixed when they wear out if the uppers are still in good condition and then I’d have two pairs to last me a long time.

I like this blog to be an actual representation of what I’m really wearing on a day to day basis. It’s not high fashion (it’s all high street and a lot of Primark, let’s be honest!) but it’s what I wear and it that means my current favourite scarf three days in a row (and I can’t promise I won’t make it five in a row), and two or three pairs of boots on repeat then so be it.

Skirt – Topshop Tall (gifted)
Sweater – Topshop Tall (sale)
Necklace – Primark
Scarf – H&M
Boots – Steve Madden (c/o Sarenza)

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