Saturday, March 04, 2017

Outfit: February 24th – DIY Distressed Jeans and Friday Ramblings






I was excited to get up the morning of this outfit. I’m not really sure why: perhaps because it was Friday, perhaps because the forecast was for a sunny day after the wind and rain of the previous day, perhaps because we were going over to the house of some friends for tea, perhaps because I was going to wear my newly distressed jeans. Whatever the reason, it’s nice to want to get out of bed in the morning and start the day.

Speaking of the jeans, I put the distressing in these myself. I go to a craft and chat group in my village on Tuesdays where the usual mix is knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching. This week I sat and cut slits in my jeans, then laboriously pulled all the blue threads out with tweezers to leave the white threads exposed. Then I threw them in the wash at home to fluff up the raw edges. Part of me wants to make the holes bigger, but part of me likes the ‘clean’ look they have at the moment. What do you think?

Some mornings over breakfast I watch You Tube videos. This particular Friday morning I felt like You Tube was telling me to cut my hair as many of the videos in the ‘suggestions’ section were how to style long bobs, how to style shorter hair. It’s an idea I constantly toy with, but am unlikely to follow through. It did inspire me to pull out my waving wand and curl my hair though.

I feel like these brogues are really coming into their own this year. I bought them on a whim last summer, thinking I would wear them more often than I did but now that the weather is flirting with the idea of spring brogues are a good way to get shoe-coverage without wearing a boot. By which I mean they are a fuller shoe (and therefore warmer) than a ballet flat, but they’re still a shoe.

Sweater – Bench (eBay)
Jeans – New Look
Shoes – M&S (via a vintage stall)
Necklace – gifted
Belt – River Island

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