Friday, April 14, 2017

Outfit: April 3rd – Sneaker Addict








So apparently walking to work has turned me into something of a sneaker addict. If you include my runners and the pair I cycle in (that don’t have laces so there’s nothing to get caught in the pedals…), I am up to about 8 pairs now. And for someone who was never a trainers girl, that is a lot. My latest addition is this leopard print pair which was just £8 in ASDA (and I had a gift voucher so absolutely no guilt involved). They will go with everything (leopard print is totally a neutral and you should not trust anyone who tells you otherwise) and to prove that I paired them with a dress and jacket for work on a sunny Monday.

This is actually a great little outfit – swap out the blazer for a leather jacket (I would go with my tan faux-leather one personally) and you have a comfy, casual outfit for shopping, sight-seeing, whatever. The dress was £6 from Primark and I am so pleased they are doing these t shirt dresses again this year. The fabric is really thick so you don’t need an underskirt and come the summer they are just so easy to pull on with a pair of sneakers or flats and go.

Dress – Primark
Blazer – F21 (sale)
Sneakers – George at Asda
Choker – Primark

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