Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Outfit: March 30th – Black and White Stripes








Apologies for yet another mirror picture, but I was getting into work early that week to get more time at lunch to do exciting things like picking up extra groceries and hanging my washing on the line. I’m not complaining about getting to hang out my washing though, far from it, it’s nice to have some good drying weather to take advantage of at last.

Thursday was set to be the warmest day of the year so far, so I wore layers that were light even though they were black. The jacket is a jersey fabric and unlined, so is basically just a sweatshirt in disguise. And the t shirt has short sleeves and a nice drape to it. I have temporarily resurrected my favourite shoes too, using some of those stick on soles you can buy on Amazon. I’m not sure how long my bodge-job will last but it’s given them a temporary reprieve at least.

And finally, if you look closely at my recent phone photos you might spot a ring attached to the back of the phone and around my index finger. This genius little invention was £2 in Primark (I saw it on a Primark haul on You Tube, I can’t remember whose video it was now) and sticks to the back of your phone (or case). It makes holding your phone so much easier, and you are far less likely to drop it when faffing about or trying to take photos. The ring rotates 360˚ so you can position it just as you want it and also acts as a stand if you’re watching something on it. You can get similar rings on eBay and Amazon too.

Jacket – New Look (eBay)
T shirt – New Look
Trousers – F+F at Tesco
Shoes – Primark
Choker – Primark

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