Monday, May 01, 2017

Outfit: April 20th – The Mystery of the Missing T Shirt







Around a fortnight ago this t shirt went missing from my closet. I wanted to wear it the other Saturday but when I went to get it out the night before (it wrinkles when folded so needs to be hung out before wearing) and it wasn’t there. I took out each pile of t shirts from the shelf to check it hadn’t fallen behind, checked my hanging rails in case I’d already hung it up (see: wrinkles when folded), checked the laundry basket: nothing. The only conclusion I could come to was that it had blown off the line last time it was washed, but as I didn’t notice a gap on the washing line, like, ever, then that too seemed unlikely. So I ordered another one (thank you New Look 20% discount codes) and the replacement arrived and then the original turned up. Because OF COURSE IT DID. Exactly where I thought I’d put it in the first place, but where I had DEFINITELY checked and it wasn’t there a couple of weeks before. GAH! Fortunately I hadn’t taken the replacement out of its packaging so it was swiftly returned and I will be keeping a close eye on my t shirts from now on.

So having found the t shirt, I needed to wear it (if it’s on my body it can’t go missing again, right?) so I stuck on my trust grey cardi and pumps, along with burgundy pants because I can’t really wear blue jeans to work on a Thursday. And at least I still have the outfit I was planning to wear that Saturday in my arsenal for another day so all’s well that ends well.

Cardi – F+F at Tesco
T shirt – New Look
Pants – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Pumps – Primark
Choker – Primark

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