Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Outfit: June 21st – Scorchio!






And so, the longest day was upon us and it was another hot one. I am sorry if I am boring you with this dress (and its green counterpart) but when it’s this hot all I want to wear is an oversized t shirt that passes for an outfit. That, and my denim shorts of course, but they’re not really suitable for work. I look at some blogs and think yeah, beautiful photography, lovely outfit but really? Did you really walk around in those heels/that dress/whatever all day? Maybe some of them do, but I’m sure they don’t all do it. I’m not knocking anyone else’s way of blogging – I’d love to be sent lots of shoes/pieces of clothing to style up and feature in a blog post but that just doesn’t happen. Over here what you see is actually what I wore that day.

Looking at the weather map for this day, it was like a Fast Show forecast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZMUAd7OJc8 (remember Caroline Aherne as the Spanish weather girl on Channel 9 News, with sun symbols all over the map and just saying “Scorchio!”?).

Dress – Boohoo Tall
Shoes – ASDA
Necklace – Scope
Bangles – Dorothy Perkins

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