Friday, November 17, 2017

Outfit: November 6th – Old As The Hills







This sweater is as old as the hills. Well, OK, not quite. But it’s old – probably going on for ten years old and in closet terms, that’s practically ancient. (Side note: I just used the Thesaurus function on Word to check I’d spelt ‘ancient’ right. I had and it brought up a bunch of synonyms including antediluvian. Which is just fabulous!) Anyway, it washes well and is a good fit as it’s Long Tall Sally. I used to have the same sweater in red and pale blue too, but they were a size bigger so have long since departed my wardrobe as they no longer fitted me.

Let’s talk about these boots now, shall we? I got them in the summer when I was in London with my friend S. They are from Magnus Shoes, a shop specialising in larger sizes, which is located on Chiltern Street directly opposite Long Tall Sally. They had a sale on, I’d seen these on the website and knew I wanted to try them on and yeah, they came home with me. They are super padded in the sole so they are pretty comfortable (for someone who rarely wears heels these days comfort is now a must) and of course they fit great because they are a size 9. The best thing about them though? They stay up! And that can’t be said for all (or most) over the knee boots. I walked to work in them, which would usually be enough for slippage if there was going to be any, but I am pleased to report that they passed their first test. (Of course they may stretch out with wear and start to fall down, but so far, so good.) They kept my legs nice and warm on a cold and frosty morning and that’s all you want from a pair of boots really.

Sweater – Long Tall Sally
Skirt – Primark (sale)
Boots – Magnus Shoes (sale)
Choker – Primark
Earrings – Ziggy of Clevedon

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